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One of C.H.E. Incorporated's greatest strengths is the quality products that we represent.


Direct and indirect fired make-up air, heating and ventilation systems.

ACME Engineering Products:

Carbon monoxide & carbon dioxide detection,

control systems.

Applied Air:

Air rotation units, make up air, ventilation air,

space heating, space cooling or "Green" cooling.

AQC Industries:

Blue Duct™ Advanced underground duct system manufactured with HDPE foam, outdoor

pre-insulated duct system.

BERKO-Division of Marley Electric Heating: Electric convectors, electric fan forced heaters,

electric unit heaters, electric cabinet unit heaters.


Air curtain systems for industrial, commercial,

flystop, cold storage.

BLC Industries Inc.:

Complete line of commercial air filtration products.


Custom kitchen ventilation systems, compensating hoods, exhaust hoods, exhaust fans, make-up air fans.

CAR-MON Products:

Carbon monoxide exhaust systems, welding & collecting ventilating systems, air cleaning &

filtration systems.



Dehumidifier Corporation of America: Dehumidifiers for indoor swimming pools,

commercial & industrial applications.

Denlar Fire Protection:

UL300A Range hoods w/built-in fire suppression.

Design Polymerics:

UL Listed Duct Sealants and Liner Adhesives.

DRI-STEEM Humidifier Company:

Industrial & Commercial humidification.


Permeable and non-permeable fabric duct for

cooling & heating applications.


Maker of air filtration products for commercial and industrial applications.

L & L Fabrication:

High/low velocity round/oval spiral & long seam ductwork. Acoustical double wall pipe & fittings. Acoustical double wall plenums.

Metal-Fab, Inc.: Prefabricated boiler stacks,

engine, grease duct exhaust systems.

Parker Boiler Company:

Flexible tube packaged hot water & steam boilers, indirect water boilers, feedwater systems & tanks.

Patterson Pumps: Commercial end suction,

horizontal split case & inline pumps.


All aluminum centrifugal roof exhaust fans, blowers, inline fans, propeller fans, utility sets & gravity ventilators.

Pro Hydronic Specialties:

Automatic and manual balancing valves and

hook-up kits for commercial hydronic coils.

Purafil: Filter systems for odor abatement,

gaseous filtration. Corrosion control.

Rexel Coatings: Blue Glue Duct Sealer.

Ruskin Manufacturing-Swartout:

Fire dampers, control dampers, wall louvers, penthouses. Fiberglass dampers, louvers, vents.

Ruskin Sound Control:

Rectangular and tubular duct silencers, transfer silencers, acoustical plenums & enclosures.

Shipco Pumps: Deaerators, condensate and boiler feed systems, low return vacuum units.

Thrush Company:

Pumps, heat exchangers, hydronic specialties, pressurizers, packaged systems, & air elimination,

 in-line circulators.

Thycurb-Division of Thybar Corporation: Prefabricated roof curbs, equipment mounting supports, expansion joints.

Titus Products:

Air distribution products, terminal mixing,  variable

air volume terminal units, fan powered boxes.

TPI Corporation: Redd-i Electric Heaters.

United Metal Products: Custom air units. High efficiency evaporative coolers up to 100,000 CFM.

Vibration Mountings & Controls, Inc.:

Shock & vibration control equipment, isolation bases, spring /neoprene floor mounts & hangers.  



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